Love Is Strange Announces Foreign Distribution Deals and US Release Month

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news yesterday on LOVE IS STRANGE’s many foreign distribution deals arranged at the Berlin Film Festival last week. The film’s many acquisitions include Spain (Golem), Italy (Koch Media), Portugal (Midas Film), Switzerland (Xenix Filmdistribution), Turkey (Kurmaca), Bulgaria (Bulgaria Film Vision), Former Yugoslavia (MegaCom Film) and Israel (Forum Film). This comes after the earlier news announced during Sundance and before the Berlinale, that Altitude Films will release the film in the U.K., Pretty Pictures in France, Wild Bunch in Benelux and Alpha Filmes in Brazil. The other big bit of news to break – perhaps the most exciting for us here stateside, is that Sony Classics will open the film in late August in the US!

We Asked Our Cast To Describe What Love Is. Their Answers Will Make You Smile.

On their 1990 album Heartbeats Accelerating, sisters Kate and Anna McGarrigle begin a song by telling us “Love is a shining star. Love is a steel guitar.” Rewind some 15 years earlier, and you have Roxy Music’s take on the L-word: “Love is the drug and I need to score.” A few years later, Joy Division prophesied that “Love Will Tear Us Apart”, Pat Benetar echoed that theme in “Love is a Battlefield,” before Whitney Houston came along to remind us that “Love Will Save the Day.” Clearly, no two people – pop stars or not – have the same concept of what “Love Is.” Since our movie revolves around just such a theme, I thought I’d ask each our cast members to try and define their own amorous views, in ten words or less. This Valentine’s Day, consider what the word means to you and then watch this short and very sweet video. Which cast member do you most agree with? And what’s your take on it? Leave your love definition in the comments section below.

What The Critics Are Saying, Part 3

“There were a lot of relationship stories at Sundance this year, but few couples were as well-matched as John Lithgow and Alfred Molina, who play two gay men together for decades in ‘Love is Strange’. It’s a pleasure to hang out with these theatrical wits, and when they’re parted by a series of unfortunate circumstances, you feel the same void that they must.” -Kyle Buchanan and Jada Yuan, New York Magazine

“Sachs and co-writer Mauricio Zacharias craft an intergenerational love story believably told and immaculately acted. This is love at all different stages of the life cycle – and romantic cycle – from teenagers through to septuagenarians… Sachs’ delicate directorial style articulates these struggles with a breezy charm. It’s refreshingly unconventional as a gay love story, calm and warm-hearted in its views of latter-age love…” -Ed Frankl, Cine-Vue

“The couple, played by John Lithgow and Alfred Molina is the film’s first asset (Lithgow here has the role of a lifetime)… Marisa Tomei is flawless in the role of a niece with family problems…” -Jorge Mourinha, PÚBLICO

“‘Love Is Strange’ has two particularly endearing characters, both strong and sensitive men… The quality of the casting and dialogue make them incredibly more alive than in many romantic movies, comedy or not. The couple fills the screen from the opening scene with a rare credibility.” -Gregory Coutaut, FilmdeCulte

“Sachs does not focus on the differences and difficulties of an unusual living situation but shows how difficult it is for George and Ben, to live apart from each other – in the evening the heartache creeps in and every reunion is tearful. Separated they seem each half of a whole.” -Enrico Ippolito,

“Quite brilliant…’Love is Strange’ is extremely subtle and touching cinema. Sachs is seemingly aware that it’s not always about what we see, and he leaves much of the key plot points to our own imagination, and the film benefits as a result. Authenticity takes precedence in this naturalistic piece, while the melodic, predominantly piano based score compliments the piece wonderfully, creating this enchantment of sorts. This film highlights that love can indeed be strange, but it also shows us that it can be a delightful and glorious thing. ****” -Stefan Pape, HeyUGuys